Which object is valuable to you? The one that costs much or the one that has emotional value? When you give, you show respect. That is why choosing non-lasting or meaningless objects makes the act of giving look like the wrong gesture. In this site you will see ideas. You will see realized projects reviving the past in a unique way. Take a look at the proposals of TREASURE – presented to you are souvenir replicas of gold and silver Thracian and Proto-Bulgarian treasures, paintings and sculpture, fresh interior decisions. All of them have been created with the belief that when you want to make a gift to someone, you need to look for the impression of the object. The rhyton and the phial will not only be cups, the statue will not be just a figure. We offer history. Not the one from the history books but your own. The history of your friendship. Or of successful partnership. TREASURE is a philosophy of the revival of true gestures – of respect and spiritual intimacy. That is why you will find opportunities in this site. Take advantage of them. TREASURE was created exactly for you.

The unique works of Treasure, can be found in selected hotels - our partners across the country.